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I checked with the package_check tool and cleaned everything up. This included generating the README files with I had to do some manual modifications, but tried to have the result as close to a generated as possible.

  • Warnings we still have:
  • The linter also gives info
    • - 'url' is not meant to be the URL of the YunoHost package, but rather the website or repo of the upstream app itself...
      • It's just an info, and in this case we can say that the package kinda is it's own thing, so it makes sense in this case that the url is the package.
  • The has some English parts because it took it from the files doc/ and doc/
    • I assume you can add doc/ and doc/ Feel free to and I'll generate and adapt them again.

The package_check tool currently does 8 tests. More and custom tests are also possible, but are out of scope for this MR imo. Installation test also test removal and reinstallation after removal. It also tests if the resource is accessible by doing a call and expecting a status 200. We do not currently test the certificate check and renewal part. Step 7 is upgrade from the current stable version.

  1. Package linter
  2. Installation on the root
  3. Installation in a sub path
  4. Installation in private mode
  5. Backup/Restore
  6. Upgrade from the same version
  7. Upgrade from 7afd659c
  8. Change URL


 Tests summary

Package linter:                OK  (2 warnings, 1 possible improvements)
Install (root):                OK
Install (subdir):              OK
Install (private):             OK
Backup/restore:                OK
Upgrade:                       OK
Upgrade (7afd659c):            OK
Change url:                    OK

Level results
Level 1 (Installable in at least one scenario)    OK
Level 2 (Installable in all scenarios)            OK
Level 3 (Can be upgraded)                         OK
Level 4 (Can be backup/restored)                  OK
Level 5 (No linter errors)                        OK
Level 6 (App is in a community-operated git org)  OK
Level 7 (Pass all tests + no linter warnings)    
Level 8 (Maintained and long-term good quality)  
Level 9 (Flagged high-quality in app catalog)    

Global level for this application: 6 (App is in a community-operated git org)

(Protip™ for CI admin: you should 'apt install wkhtmltopdf optipng --no-install-recommends' to enable result summary export to .png)
Global working time for all tests: 30 minutes, 35 seconds (01:01:34)
Edited by Ilja

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