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Hotfix renew-cert CN certificates

HgO requested to merge hotfix-renew-cert-cn-certificates into stable

Closes #20 (closed)



sudo yunohost app upgrade neutrinet -u --debug


sudo yunohost app install --debug


These tests must be run for both upgrade and install.

First run:


This should NOT renew the certificate. However you should get some output saying how many days remain before renewal.

Then, to force the renewal:

/opt/neutrinet/renew_cert/ -f

(Optionally) Check that the quiet mode is working:

/opt/neutrinet/renew_cert/ -q -f

After each run of the script, check that you have an ip under tun0 interface:

ip a show dev tun0

In particular, you should have an IPv4 address.

Check also the certificate's creation date:

openssl x509 -in /etc/openvpn/keys/user.crt -noout -startdate
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