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Resolve "Improve /neutrinet webpage"

Ilja requested to merge ilja/neutrinet_ynh:13-improve-webpage into develop

Closes #13 (closed)

I did:

Remove Javascript

  • Removed the ./sources/static/js folder and content
  • Removed the <script> tags (loading the Javascript) from the ./sources/index.html file

Change links to underline instead of bold

  • Changed the a in the ./sources/static/css/styled.css to have underline instead of bold

Add Dutch translation

  • I added links on the top right of the page for the different languages (Dutch and French)
  • I added an index_nl.html and index_fr.html (and removed index.html)
  • The Dutch and French pages can be found on /nl and /fr respectively
  • This setup makes it so that nginx can choose the default language
  • Nginx (302) redirects / to /fr which means that French is always default

Checking if the scripts need change

  • The only one that needed change was the update script. It already copied the files (overwriting where needed), but that meant that the folders/files I removed are still there. I 'fixed' it by removing the whole webapp folder first and then recreate it. Another option would be to check if the file/folder still exist and remove them one by one, but this seemed easier and more general.

Add links

  • Added the git repo and the repo for this app to the list of links
  • I also checked if all the links still work, they still work

I just did the HTML and CSS as good as I could so it would work, if I did things that are considered 'bad practice', plz let me know so I can fix it.

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