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Release v0.3.0~ynh4

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Closes #9 (closed) #11 (closed) #12 (closed)

I managed to test this on my cubes :)

For !17 (merged), I could reproduce the issue by deleting the path setting and generating the SSO configuration again:

sudo yunohost app setting neutrinet path -d
sudo yunohost app ssowatconf


I configured a dev package list, it's temporarily at

sudo yunohost app removelist neutrinet
sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n neutrinet -u
sudo yunohost tools update --apps
sudo yunohost tools upgrade --apps neutrinet --debug

You should check the following:

  • <your-domain>/neutrinet/ should display the Neutrinet contact details
  • yunohost app map | grep -i neutrinet should display <your-domain>/neutrinet: Neutrinet
  • /etc/cron.daily/neutrinet-renew-cert should execute normally, and without any output when the certificates doesn't need to be renewed.

If you have access to your cube from the local network, you can test the certificates renewal:

sudo mv /etc/openvpn/keys/user.crt{,.old}
sudo mv /etc/openvpn/keys/user.key{,.old}
sudo mv /etc/openvpn/keys/ca-server.crt{,.old}

After 10min or so, the cron script should produce logs about renewing the certificates.

Execute ip a to check if tun0 interface is up

Release notes

Bug fixes

  • Fix empty webpath (!17 (merged)), which caused Yunohost to think the Neutrinet app was at the domain's root. Other apps couldn't be installed on that domain, and the nginx's welcome page was displayed.
  • Fix 404 error on /neutrinet endpoint (!15 (merged))
  • Fix missing pip binary when creating virtualenv on some systems (!16 (merged)). We now use debian packages instead of a virtualenv.
  • Fix cron task sending a mail every night (!14 (merged)). The task was too verbose and was sending a mail for each run. We now send a mail only when the certificates are being renewed.
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