Commit d854fc91 authored by fred's avatar fred
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fix javascript syntax error

parent 10bd9017
$(function() { $(function() {
var $main = $("#Changing"); var $main = $("#Changing");
var $log = $("#userLog"); var $log = $("#userLog");
doLog = function(aTextToLog, type=false){ doLog = function(aTextToLog, type){
var aLog = $('<div>',{class:"log",html:'<div class='+type+'>'+aTextToLog+'</div>'}); var aLog = $('<div>',{class:"log",html:'<div class='+type+'>'+aTextToLog+'</div>'});
aLog.hide().prependTo($log).show('fast').delay(10000).hide('fast', function() { aLog.hide().prependTo($log).show('fast').delay(10000).hide('fast', function() {
$(this).remove(); $(this).remove();
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