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insert nonstop periods into program

parent 30b6aafa
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from datetime import datetime, timedelta, time
import os
from PIL import Image
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ def whatsonair():
def period_program(date_start, date_end):
from models import Diffusion, Schedule
from models import Diffusion, Schedule, Nonstop, WeekdayMixin
diffusions = Diffusion.objects.select_related().filter(
datetime__range=(date_start, date_end)).order_by('datetime')
......@@ -105,7 +105,59 @@ def period_program(date_start, date_end):
program[j] = None
j += 1
return [x for x in program if x is not None]
program = [x for x in program if x is not None]
# last step is adding nonstop zones between slots
nonstops = Nonstop.objects.all()
class NonstopSlot(WeekdayMixin):
def __init__(self, start, end):
self.datetime = None
labels = []
for nonstop in nonstops:
nonstop_day_start = start.replace(hour=nonstop.start.hour, minute=nonstop.start.minute)
nonstop_day_end = start.replace(hour=nonstop.end.hour, minute=nonstop.end.minute)
if nonstop.end < nonstop.start:
if start.time() < nonstop.end:
nonstop_day_start -= timedelta(days=1)
nonstop_day_end += timedelta(days=1)
if nonstop_day_start < end and nonstop_day_end > start:
if self.datetime is None:
self.datetime = nonstop_day_end
self.label = u', '.join(labels)
def __repr__(self):
return repr(self.label)
first_day_start = datetime(*date_start.replace(hour=6, minute=0).timetuple()[:5])
last_day_end = datetime(*date_end.replace(hour=5, minute=0).timetuple()[:5])
program.insert(0, NonstopSlot(first_day_start, program[0].datetime))
i = 0
while i < len(program)-1:
slot = program[i]
if not isinstance(slot, NonstopSlot):
slot_end = slot.datetime + timedelta(minutes=slot.get_duration())
next_slot = program[i+1]
if slot_end < next_slot.datetime:
next_day_start = next_slot.datetime.replace(hour=5, minute=0)
if slot_end < next_day_start and next_slot.datetime > next_day_start:
program[i+1:i+1] = [NonstopSlot(slot_end, next_day_start),
NonstopSlot(next_day_start, next_slot.datetime)]
program[i+1:i+1] = [NonstopSlot(slot_end, next_slot.datetime)]
i += 1
program.append(NonstopSlot(program[-1].datetime, last_day_end))
return program
def day_program(date):
date_start = datetime(*date.timetuple()[:3])
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