Commit a66e6984 authored by Christophe Siraut's avatar Christophe Siraut

Add todos.

parent 243b382e
ardour audacity jamin jack-mixer puredata soundconverter terminatorx
hexter zynjacku vkeybd specimen seq24 jack-keyboard composite
qjackctl jackd2-firewire jack-rack tuxguitar-jack
hexter zynjacku vkeybd specimen seq24 jack-keyboard composite timidity
qjackctl jackd2-firewire jack-rack tuxguitar-jack patchage
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-tools
pulseaudio-module-jack pulseaudio-module-x11 alsa-utils
abgate calf-plugins eq10q foo-yc20 invada-studio-plugins-lv2 ir.lv2 lv2fil lv2vocoder mda-lv2 so-synth-lv2 swh-lv2 vocproc
caps cmt tap-plugins wah-plugins
dssi-utils dssi-host-jack
jalv lilv-utils lv2file lv2proc slv2-jack python-lilv
gmidimonitor a2jmidid
pactl load-module module-jack-sink channels=2
pactl load-module module-jack-source channels=2
pacmd set-default-sink jack_out
pacmd set-default-source jack_in
killall jackd
pacmd suspend false
pacmd suspend true
SINKID=$(pactl list | grep -B 1 "Name: module-jack-sink" | grep Module | sed 's/[^0-9]//g')
SOURCEID=$(pactl list | grep -B 1 "Name: module-jack-source" | grep Module | sed 's/[^0-9]//g')
pactl unload-module $SINKID
pactl unload-module $SOURCEID
sleep 4
echo snd-seq >> /etc/modules
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