Commit 8650f9e8 authored by fred's avatar fred

fix missing reference to new app settings

parent 7d7dab93
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ def add_soma_diffusion(diffusion):
# copy file
if not os.path.exists(app_settings.LOCAL_BASE_PATH):
raise SomaException('soma directory is not available')
local_diffusion_path = os.path.join(LOCAL_BASE_PATH, diffusion_path)
local_diffusion_path = os.path.join(app_settings.LOCAL_BASE_PATH, diffusion_path)
if os.path.exists(local_diffusion_path):
for filename in os.listdir(local_diffusion_path):
os.unlink(os.path.join(local_diffusion_path, filename))
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