Commit 657fb216 authored by fred's avatar fred
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add management command to create tracks object from nonstop files metadata

parent d116486a
import mutagen
from import BaseCommand, CommandError
from ...models import NonstopFile, Track, Artist
LOCAL_BASE_PATH = '/media/nonstop/'
REMOTE_BASE_PATH = '/srv/soma/nonstop/'
class Command(BaseCommand):
def handle(self, verbosity, **kwargs):
self.verbose = (int(verbosity) > 1)
kwargs = {'track__isnull': True}
#kwargs = {}
for nonstopfile in NonstopFile.objects.filter(**kwargs):
filepath = nonstopfile.filepath.replace(REMOTE_BASE_PATH, LOCAL_BASE_PATH)
if self.verbose:
print filepath[len(LOCAL_BASE_PATH):]
if 'SPOTS/' in filepath:
metadata = mutagen.File(filepath, easy=True)
if not metadata or not metadata.get('artist') or not metadata.get('title'):
print 'skipping', filepath
artist, created = Artist.objects.get_or_create(name=metadata.get('artist')[0])
track, created = Track.objects.get_or_create(title=metadata.get('title')[0],
if ' FR' in filepath:
track.language = 'fr'
track.cfwb = (' CFWB' in filepath)
track.instru = (' INSTRU' in filepath)
for needle in (' CC', '(CC', 'DOM PUB'):
if needle in filepath:
track.sabam = False
nonstopfile.track = track
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