Commit f6b3e1d5 authored by Pierre's avatar Pierre

print dns

parent 866f2c1f
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ function mx_chez_dp ($domaine) {
$domaine = $parse['host']; // juste le nom de dom sans http
// spip_log("bureau ".$bureau,'test'._LOG_AVERTISSEMENT);
$result = dns_get_record($domaine, DNS_MX);
spip_log("serveur ".print_r($result),'test'._LOG_AVERTISSEMENT);
if( $result AND isset($result[0]['target'])){
// spip_log("serveur ".$result[0]['target'],'test'._LOG_AVERTISSEMENT);
$serveur = $result[0]['target'];
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