Commit fa166dd6 authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré Committed by fred

remove deprecated --all option, put add-locks and lock-tables back into the commandline

parent 83c0b23a
......@@ -236,17 +236,14 @@ function dobck() {
# Allow script to backup other database if one of the have an error
# --quick : Don't buffer query, dump directly to stdout.
# optimisation option
# --all : Include all MySQL specific create options.
# Permit keep information like type or comment
# --extended-insert : Allows utilization of the new, much faster INSERT syntax.
# optimization option
# (--add-locks : Add locks around insert statements.)
# (--lock-tables : Lock all tables for read.)
# --add-locks : Add locks around insert statements.
# --lock-tables : Lock all tables for read.
# those 2 options avoid insert during dump which can create an unconsistent
# state of the database backup
# remove because lock is allow for alternc user
if [ "$DO_BACKUP" == "YES" ]; then
command="mysqldump --defaults-file=/etc/alternc/my.cnf --add-drop-table --allow-keywords --quote-names --force --quick --all --extended-insert $db"
command="mysqldump --defaults-file=/etc/alternc/my.cnf --add-drop-table --allow-keywords --quote-names --force --quick --add-locks --lock-tables --extended-insert $db"
if [ "$compressed" -eq 1 ] ; then
$command = "$command | gzip -c"
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