Commit 7073a50a authored by Steven Mondji-Lerider's avatar Steven Mondji-Lerider

adding to sudo scripts to use for mailman class

parent b496a01f
alterncpanel ALL = NOPASSWD : /usr/bin/quota, /usr/sbin/setquota, /usr/lib/alternc/, /usr/lib/alternc/mem_add, /usr/lib/alternc/mem_del, /usr/lib/alternc/quota_edit, /usr/lib/alternc/quota_get, /usr/lib/alternc/
alterncpanel ALL = NOPASSWD : /usr/bin/quota, /usr/sbin/setquota, /usr/lib/alternc/, /usr/lib/alternc/mem_add, /usr/lib/alternc/mem_del, /usr/lib/alternc/quota_edit, /usr/lib/alternc/quota_get, /usr/lib/alternc/, /usr/lib/alternc/
vmail ALL = NOPASSWD : /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver
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