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=head1 NAME

alternc.install - Deploys AlternC and associated services configuration files 


alternc.install [B<--force>] |B<--slave>]


AlternC is a hosting control panel that automatically configure your services based on optimal mass-hosting parameters. alternc.install is a script that do this automatic configuration.

alternc.install use variables from /etc/alternc/ and replace them in files found in /etc/alternc/templates/ then push those interpreted files into /etc. It also backup every file into /var/lib/alternc/backups/ before replacing them.

This script now assumes it has MySQL connectivity through /etc/alternc/my.cnf

It Also launches scripts in /usr/lib/alternc/install.d/  with an argument telling where you are in alternc.install argument will be : startup, templates, apache2, before-reload, end

=head1 OPTIONS

=over 2

=item B<--force>

If any file in /etc has been manually changed (instead of changing its template in /etc/alternc), alternc.install will refuse to overwrite them. use B<--force> to overwrite them anyway.

=item B<--slave>

When you launch alternc.install, any AlternC slave instance defined in /etc/alternc/ has its own alternc.install launch with this parameter. You should not use it yourself unless you know what you are doing


=head1 AUTHOR

Benjamin Sonntag for AlternC Team <>

=head1 SEE ALSO

Go to or join #alternc IRC channel on Freenode for more information on AlternC.