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  7. 06 Oct, 2008 3 commits
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      stop overwriting named.conf · 3bcb5159
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      starting this release, only named.conf.options will be replaced (as we
      need to modify the options {} block and can't just add another one). We
      still install a named.conf, a fresh version from Lenny this time, so
      that we get a clean start.
      Also get rid of the bind_internal parameter that is not really used or
      recommended, as it allows for authoritative nameservers to also serve
      recursive queries (which is bad practice).
      See: #1025
      Closes: #1104
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      fix debconf prompts · e2b74aaa
      Antoine Beaupré authored
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      remove alternc/mynetwork debconf parameter, stop overriding it in · cdb3a1e2
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      also split the config prompts between slave and non-slave package
      See: #1029
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  9. 10 Jul, 2008 1 commit
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      add some of the sqlbackup options to the local.sh global configuration. · a62b9109
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      note that we discarded some suggestions options:
      F_LOG: replaced with syslog
      DAEMON: will be considered for inclusion later
      VERBOSE/DEBUG: available through command line flags
      TYPE_NAME_BACKUP and ALLOW_OVERWRITE_BACKUP are being renamed to
      SQLBACKUP_TYPE and SQLBACKUP_OVERWRITE. this is to be more consistent
      with the global configurations
      See: #1081
  10. 13 Apr, 2008 1 commit
    • Antoine Beaupré's avatar
      Major redesign of the MySQL backend interface to fix a security issue. · d5a4c72e
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      See: #318.
      As of now, the MySQL configuration used everywhere by AlternC is not
      stored in the main configuration file (/etc/alternc/local.sh) but in a
      MySQL configuration file in /etc/alternc/my.cnf, which enables us to
      call mysql without exposing the password on the commandline.
      The changes here are quite invasive but will allow us to factor out
      the MySQL configuration better. See #364.
      This includes a partial rewrite of the mysql.sh logic, which is now ran
      from the postinst script (and not alternc.install) which will allow us
      to actually change the MySQL root user properly. See #601.
      This commit was tested like this:
       * clean install on etch (working)
       * upgrade from a clean 0.9.7 (working)
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