Commit e450ee72 authored by Steven Mondji-Lerider's avatar Steven Mondji-Lerider
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Removing installation of a script that doesn't exists

parent a488ff6d
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ install:
# alternc-squirrelmail files install
install -m 644 templates/squirrelmail/* $(DESTDIR)/etc/alternc/templates/squirrelmail/
install -m 755 squirrelmail-install $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/alternc/install.d/
install -m 755 procmail_to_sieve_squirrelmail.php $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/alternc/
# domaintype template:
install -m 644 templates/apache2/squirrelmail.conf $(DESTDIR)/etc/alternc/templates/apache2/squirrelmail.conf
# Desktop files
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