Commit dbd029d8 authored by Antoine Beaupr��'s avatar Antoine Beaupr��

warn users to switch to HTTPS if it's not enable, admins can opt out through a variable

parent 42b89880
...@@ -74,12 +74,9 @@ if ( empty($logo) || ! $logo ) { ...@@ -74,12 +74,9 @@ if ( empty($logo) || ! $logo ) {
<br/> <br/>
<?php <?php
if (isset($_GET['authip_token'])) $authip_token=$_GET['authip_token']; if (isset($_GET['authip_token'])) $authip_token=$_GET['authip_token'];
/* if (variable_get('https_warning', true, 'warn users to switch to HTTPS') && !isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])) {
if (!$_SERVER[HTTPS]) { echo __('<h4>WARNING: you are trying to access the control panel insecurely, click <a href="%s">here</a> to go to secure mode</h4>', $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]);
echo "<h4>ATTENTION : vous allez acc�der � votre panel en mode *non s�curis�*<br/>
<a href=\"https://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]."/\">Cliquez ici pour passer en mode s�curis�</a></h4>";
} }
?> ?>
<div style="margin: 0 auto 30px auto; width: 700px;"> <div style="margin: 0 auto 30px auto; width: 700px;">
<table width="100%"><tr><td> <table width="100%"><tr><td>
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