Commit d493d08a authored by fred's avatar fred

menu: include alternp entries

parent af550040
......@@ -39,6 +39,10 @@ if ($mem->checkRight())
<dd><a href="adm_list.php"><?php __("Manage the members"); ?></a></dd>
<dd><a href="adm_panel.php"><?php __("Admin Control Panel"); ?></a></dd>
<dd><a href="/admin/sql/?server=2"><?php __("General SQL Admin"); ?></a></dd>
<dt id="reseller">Alternp</dt>
<dd><a href="../alternp/book/"><?php __("Manage membership fees"); ?></a></dd>
<dd><a href="../alternp/users/"><?php __("Manage members"); ?></a></dd>
<dd><a href="../alternp/invite/"><?php __("Send mailbox invitation"); ?></a></dd>
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