Commit bc0af080 authored by Alan Garcia's avatar Alan Garcia

Créé un mail postmaster@ lors de l'installation d'un domaine.

parent dbc2c823
......@@ -809,6 +809,20 @@ ORDER BY
return true;
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------- */
/** hook function called by AlternC when a domain is created for
* the current user account
* This function create a postmaster mail which is an alias to LOGIN @ FQDN
* wich is a dynamic alias to the alternc's account mail
* @param string $domain_id Domain that has just been created
* @access private
function hook_dom_add_mx_domain($domain_id) {
global $err, $mem, $L_FQDN;
return $this->create_alias($domain_id, 'postmaster', $mem->user['login'].'@'.$L_FQDN );
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------- */
/** hook function called by AlternC-upnp to know which open
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