Commit ac9c15bd authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré Committed by fred

port to 0.9.8: mysql information is not in anymore

parent 5ab382ce
......@@ -403,9 +403,8 @@ debug end
# the "<< EOF" mean send data to the command until EOF (end of file)
debug /usr/bin/mysql -h"$MYSQL_HOST" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"XXXX" "$MYSQL_DATABASE" -B
/usr/bin/mysql -h"$MYSQL_HOST" -u"$MYSQL_USER" -p"$MYSQL_PASS" \
"$MYSQL_DATABASE" --batch << EOF | tail -n '+2' | dobck
debug /usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/etc/alternc/my.cnf --batch
/usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/etc/alternc/my.cnf --batch << EOF | tail -n '+2' | dobck
SELECT login, pass, db, bck_history, bck_gzip, bck_dir
WHERE bck_mode=$mode;
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