Commit a7d1a5c3 authored by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli's avatar Pierre-Louis Bonicoli

[fix] debconf: use error instead of note (#1524)

When encountered, errors are always showed.
parent ca8cd304
......@@ -248,10 +248,8 @@ while [ "$QUEST_STATE" != 0 -a "$QUEST_STATE" != 14 ]; do
touch "$aclcheckfile"
setfacl -m u:root:rwx "$aclcheckfile" 2>/dev/null || (
test -e "$aclcheckfile" && rm -f "$aclcheckfile" || true
db_input critical alternc/acluninstalled || true
db_reset alternc/acluninstalled || true
db_fset alternc/acluninstalled "seen" "false" || true
db_input high alternc/acluninstalled || true
db_go || true
exit 2
test -e "$aclcheckfile" && rm -f "$aclcheckfile" || true
Template: alternc/acluninstalled
Type: note
Type: error
_Description: AlternC need ACL on filesystem
AlternC can't work without ACL activated on its filesystem.
ACL are currently not enabled.
Also, you need to activate group quota (grpquota)
to be able to use disk quota (but that's not mandatory).
This is a fatal error and will cause the package installation
to fail.
Template: alternc/quotauninstalled
Type: note
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