Commit a022ae4a authored by Alan Garcia's avatar Alan Garcia
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Amelioration autotring traduc menulist

parent 6747accc
......@@ -70,15 +70,15 @@ __("Edit the file /etc/alternc/menulist.txt to enable, disable ou change order o
<h4><?php __("Menu actually activated"); ?></h4>
<?php foreach($menu_activated as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_$m")."</i></li>";} ?>
<?php foreach($menu_activated as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_".basename($m,".php"))."</i></li>";} ?>
<h4><?php __("Menu activated but not present"); ?></h4>
<?php foreach($menu_error as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_$m")."</i></li>";} ?>
<?php foreach($menu_error as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_".basename($m,".php"))."</i></li>";} ?>
<h4><?php __("Menu avalaible but not activated"); ?></h4>
<?php foreach($menu_diff as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_$m")."</i></li>";} ?>
<?php foreach($menu_diff as $m){ echo "<li>$m - <i>"._("shortdesc_".basename($m,".php"))."</i></li>";} ?>
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