Commit 9da1f2fd authored by Alan Garcia's avatar Alan Garcia
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Ajout d'icone

parent df538c6c
......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ bureau/admin/icon/protect.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/ra.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/save.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/selall.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/settings.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/sort0.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/sort1.png -text
bureau/admin/icon/swf.png -text
......@@ -232,6 +233,7 @@ bureau/admin/images/row-down.png -text
bureau/admin/images/row-down.png2 -text
bureau/admin/images/schedule.png -text
bureau/admin/images/search.png -text
bureau/admin/images/settings.png -text
bureau/admin/images/ssh.png -text
bureau/admin/images/stat.png -text
bureau/admin/images/undelete.png -text
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