Commit 7ace0b23 authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré

fix a lintian warning (YES/NO is bad practice) and remove apache and

php from the list of overwritten files.
parent d5a4c72e
......@@ -4,15 +4,11 @@ Default: true
_Description: Do you REALLY want to install AlternC on this computer ?
You are currently trying to install AlternC on your computer. Be aware
that this package will overwrite critical system files, including but not
limited to the config files of apache, bind, postfix, courier, proftpd and
limited to the config files of bind, postfix, courier, squirrelmail and proftpd.
A backup of your old configuration will be stored in
If you still want to proceed with this installation, choose YES here,
otherwise choose NO.
Template: alternc/desktopname
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