Commit 7183cd61 authored by alban's avatar alban

Changement class d'erreur sur des pages

parent fc797f61
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ if (file_exists("styles/style-custom.css") ) {
if ($isinvited && isset($oldid) && !empty($oldid) && $oldid!=$cuid ) {
echo "<div align=center><p class='alert alert-info'>";
echo "<div align=center><p class='alert alert-warning'>";
__("Administrator session. you may <a href='adm_login.php'>return to your account</a> or <a href='adm_cancel.php'>cancel this feature</a>.");
if ($oldid == 2000) echo ' '._("You can also <a href='adm_update_domains.php'>apply changes</a>."); // Yes, hardcoded uid. We will rewrite permissions another day
echo "</p></div>";
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ $r=$mysql->get_userslist();
echo "<p class=\"alert alert-danger\">$error</p>";
if(!$r || empty($r)){
echo "<p class=\"alert alert-warning\">"._("You have no sql user at the moment.")."</p>";
echo "<p class=\"alert alert-info\">"._("You have no sql user at the moment.")."</p>";
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