Commit 408ff30a authored by Alan Garcia's avatar Alan Garcia
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Shame on me : debug test was here...

parent cde8eb71
......@@ -122,11 +122,6 @@ if (isset($error) && $error) {
<th colspan="2">
<input type="checkbox" name="create_dom" value="1" class="inc" id="create_dom" <?php cbox($create_dom==1); ?>/>
<label for="create_dom"><?php printf(_("Install the domain"),""); ?></label>
echo "plop";
printvar( variable_get('hosting_tld') );
<span class="int" id="create_dom_list_pfx">login.</span><select name="create_dom_list" class="int" id="create_dom_list">
<?php if (variable_get('hosting_tld')) { ?>
<option value="<?php echo variable_get('hosting_tld'); ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo variable_get('hosting_tld'); ?></option>
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