Commit 2fc7b3de authored by Benjamin Sonntag's avatar Benjamin Sonntag
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more explicit messages in rebuild_all_webconf

parent f5f7d264
......@@ -4,24 +4,21 @@
. /usr/lib/alternc/
echo "This script will rebuild all web configuration and regenerate DNS."
echo ""
echo "Only files in $VHOST_MANUALCONF will be preserved."
echo "Use --force to skip confirmation"
echo ""
if [ ! "$1" == "--force" ] ; then
read -n1 -p "Continue (y/n)? "
[[ $REPLY = [yY] ]] || exit 1
echo ""
echo "++ Start rebuilding ++"
echo "Set flag to rebuild"
mysql_query "update sub_domaines set web_action = 'UPDATE' and web_action != 'DELETE';"
mysql_query "update domaines set dns_action = 'UPDATE' and dns_action != 'DELETE';"
echo "Launch update_domains to rebuild."
echo "Now launching update_domains to rebuild."
/usr/lib/alternc/generate_bind_conf.php --force
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