Commit 2078dc7f authored by Benjamin Sonntag's avatar Benjamin Sonntag
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manual propagation of [3145] in stable-3.0

parent 672aa45b
alternc (3.0+nmu1) stable; urgency=low
alternc (3.0.1) stable; urgency=low
* r4112 : bugfixing upgrade script 3.0.0~3.php to add the phpmyadmin special user to table dbuser
......@@ -430,10 +430,17 @@ setfacl -b -k -m d:g:alterncpanel:rw- -m g:alterncpanel:rw- "$ALTERNC_LOC/html/"
if [ ! -e "/var/log/alternc/bureau.log" ]; then
test -d "/var/log/alternc/" || mkdir -p "/var/log/alternc/"
touch "/var/log/alternc/bureau.log"
chmod 640 "/var/log/alternc/bureau.log"
chown alterncpanel:adm /var/log/alternc/bureau.log
if [ ! -e "/var/log/alternc/update_domains.log" ]; then
test -d "/var/log/alternc/" || mkdir -p "/var/log/alternc/"
touch "/var/log/alternc/update_domains.log"
# Be sure of the owner of the logs files
chmod 640 /var/log/alternc/bureau.log /var/log/alternc/update_domains.log
chown alterncpanel:adm /var/log/alternc/bureau.log /var/log/alternc/update_domains.log
# Creating admin user if needed
HAS_ROOT=`mysql --defaults-file=/etc/alternc/my.cnf -e "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM membres WHERE login = 'admin' OR login = 'root' and su = 1" | tail -1`
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