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AlternC: Hosting software suite 


AlternC is a software suite helping system administrators in handling
Web Services management. It should be easy to install, based only on 
OpenSource softwares. AlternC is GPL licensed.

This software consist of an automatic install and configuration system,
a web control panel to manage hosted users and their web services such
as domains, email accounts, ftp accounts, web statistics ...

Technically, AlternC is based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution, 'Sarge'
version, and it depends on other softwares such as Apache, Postfix, 
Mailman ... It also contains an API documentation so that users can
easily customize their web desktop.

This project native tongue is French. However, the packages are 
available at least in French and English. They may also be available in
other languages (Some Spanish or German translation is in the pipe...)
depending on YOUR help on this part of the project.
Some part of the documentation are only available in french for now, but
will certainly be translated in a near future.

AlternC was initially developped by system administrators at Lautre.Net,
then other guys came and helped us, such as Globenet, Netaktiv, 
Neuronnexion or Koumbit.


For now, AlternC can be installed as a Debian package. This package 
depends on other softs used by AlternC. Just add those lines to your
/etc/apt/sources.list file : 

 deb debian/
 deb-src debian/

then apt-get install alternc

You may download and install additionnal plugins after installing AlternC.
Let's go to the developper page for more information.