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Version 1.7.1

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from import default_storage
from django.db.models.fields.files import FileDescriptor, FieldFile
from django.db.models import Field
from django.conf import settings
from .widgets import AjaxPictureWidget
class AjaxPictureField(Field):
storage = default_storage
attr_class = FieldFile
descriptor_class = FileDescriptor
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
upload_to = kwargs.pop('upload_to', '')
size = kwargs.pop('size', '')
bootstrap = kwargs.pop('bootstrap', '')
self.widget = AjaxPictureWidget(
super(AjaxPictureField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def contribute_to_class(self, cls, name, virtual_only=False):
super(AjaxPictureField, self).contribute_to_class(cls, name, virtual_only)
setattr(cls,, self.descriptor_class(self))
def get_prep_value(self, value):
"""Returns field's value prepared for saving into a database."""
# Need to convert File objects provided via a form to unicode for database insertion
if value is None:
return None
return str(value)
def get_internal_type(self):
return "TextField"
def formfield(self, **kwargs):
defaults = {'widget': self.widget}
return super(AjaxPictureField, self).formfield(**defaults)
if 'south' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
from south.modelsinspector import add_introspection_rules
add_introspection_rules([], ["^repanier\.picture\.fields\.AjaxPictureField"])
from django import forms
class FileForm(forms.Form):
file = forms.FileField()
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