Commit a9d38a99 authored by Patrick's avatar Patrick
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parent 3201817b
from import ManifestStaticFilesStorage
from cms.utils.urlutils import static_with_version
import cms
__version__ = "/%s" % cms.__version__
class BigBlindManifestStaticFilesStorage(ManifestStaticFilesStorage):
def url(self, name, force=True):
def url(self, context, force=True):
Override .url to use hashed url in development
return super(ManifestStaticFilesStorage, self).url(name, True)
\ No newline at end of file
return super(ManifestStaticFilesStorage, self).url(context, True)
except ValueError:
# Solve the reverted
context = static_with_version(context)
return super(ManifestStaticFilesStorage, self).url(context, True).replace(__version__, "")
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