Commit 9d51aff4 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

shorewall::mangle: allow specifying the ACTION explicitly.

Previously, it was using $name, which prevented adding multiple mangle
rules that share a common ACTION, with different parameters.
parent d3b5fedd
define shorewall::mangle(
$action = $name,
$proto = '-',
$destinationport = '-',
$sourceport = '-',
......@@ -14,6 +15,6 @@ define shorewall::mangle(
$order = '100'
line => "${name} ${source} ${destination} ${proto} ${destinationport} ${sourceport} ${user} ${test} ${length} ${tos} ${connbytes} ${helper} ${headers}"
line => "${action} ${source} ${destination} ${proto} ${destinationport} ${sourceport} ${user} ${test} ${length} ${tos} ${connbytes} ${helper} ${headers}"
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