Commit 725b5bdc authored by Matt Taggart's avatar Matt Taggart

add some notes about deprecated features

parent 70bba045
......@@ -74,6 +74,23 @@ module will not work:
There are some features that have been deprecated upstream that may still be
supported by this module on certain shorewall major version. Please note
the following:
* the blacklist file and option is deprecated and replaced by blrules
* the rfc1918 file and norfc1918 option are deprecated
* the tcrules file is deprecated, replaced by mangled
* the routestopped file is deprecated and replaced by stoppedrules
* as of shorewall 4.6.0, SECTION headers need a leading '?'
You should migrate your own calls to this module to move to the currently
supported methods, we will be dropping support for deprecated features as
the available distribution version permit it.
For more details see
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