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    • Micah Anderson's avatar
      I dont like how any of this is done, but it needs to be working again, · 2a8f279a
      Micah Anderson authored
      and then made better later.
      The ninjareport is a pretty bad way of collecting all the backupninja
      reports into one email called the 'ninjareport' which contains all the
      hosts with backupninja problems, and a notice about any hosts that
      haven't reported in for a while.
      The way it works is each participating host has a limited command ssh
      key installed in /root/.ssh/id_rsa which enables it to rsync its
      /var/log/backupninja.log to
      ninja@admin:/var/lib/backupninja/reports/$hostname.log. After the
      backup runs on the host, it does this rsync.
      On v.admin, there is a /var/lib/backupninja/.ssh/authorized_keys which
      has the ssh public key part of each host's ssh key, command-limited to
      only allow an rsync of their backupninja.log file. There is a cronjob
      there that runs once a day and collects new logs and does some basic
      figuring and then collects those all into one email.
      There are *many* ways that this needs to be improved. From the puppet
      side, the approach is all wrong, and there is a lot of dupliacted
      configuration that is being done, it needs to be turned into a define
      and export and collection needs to be done. The whole thing needs to
      be redesigned from the ground up, but I don't have the mental space to
      do it right now, and it needs to work :(
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