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    I unset the duplicity options that are set by default by backupninja · 1ec565f2
    Micah Anderson authored
    already (it is unecessary to set them when they are already set to the
    defaults): testconnect, sign, keep, bandwidthlimit
    I also unset because they were not set to the defaults: $tmpdir =
    "/var/tmp/duplicity", $nicelevel = 19. The defaults for these are:
    $tmpdir = "/tmp", and $nicelevel = 0. The example configuration files
    included in backupninja are confusing about these, so I've just
    clarified those in the upstream source.
    Then there were a couple options that were set to values that I think
    should not be set: $password = "a_very_complicated_passphrase" -- I
    dont think this should be set by default at all, because people will
    accidentally use this passphrase by default (yuck). People should be
    forced to set this. I also reset the $destdir = "/backups" setting to
    be false. This value must be set, but I dont think it should be set by
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