Commit cb05e48d authored by Micah Anderson's avatar Micah Anderson

the default value for sshoptions is 'false' and this value ends up getting

set into the rdiff config, so 'sshoptions = false' which results in the
host attempting to connect to a hostname called 'false'.

This change only includes it if the value is not 'false'.
parent d7e28304
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ type = local
if VersionComparer.versioncmp(Puppet.version,'0.24.6') >= 0
%w{type host directory user sshoptions}.each do |v|
if has_variable?(v)
if has_variable?(v) and instance_variable_get("@#{v}").to_s != "false"
<%= v + ' = ' + instance_variable_get("@#{v}").to_s %>
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