Commit baead38b authored by Jerome Charaoui's avatar Jerome Charaoui
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fix typo in checkbackups cronjob

parent 79c64c88
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ class backupninja::server (
cron { checkbackups:
command => "/usr/local/bin/checkbackups -d ${backupdir} -s ${nagios_server} -w ${nagios_warn_level} -c ${nagios_crit_level} | grep -v 'sent to host successfully",
command => "/usr/local/bin/checkbackups -d ${backupdir} -s ${nagios_server} -w ${nagios_warn_level} -c ${nagios_crit_level} | grep -v 'sent to host successfully'",
user => "root",
hour => "8-23",
minute => 59,
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