Commit b24afc7f authored by Jerome Charaoui's avatar Jerome Charaoui

Clarify README upgrade notice

parent a961041c
......@@ -18,10 +18,14 @@ and can now be overridden thanks to the brand new technology of class
parameters. This class also manages the backupninja configuration file,
replacing the backupninja::config ressource.
The backupninja::server class has some minor changes, including some
changes related to the nagios passive checks. See the code for details.
Handlers are *mostly* unchanged.
The backupninja::server class now takes parameters, replacing several
global variables such as $backupdir, $backupserver_tag and
$nagios_server. The $manage_nagios parameter also replaces the
$use_nagios global.
As for handlers, they don't include the backupninja::client anymore and
now read several default values from the backupninja base class. Most
handler declarations shouldn't need any changes.
See below for dependencies which have been introduced in this version.
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