Commit 6406454b authored by Micah Anderson's avatar Micah Anderson

create a backupninja svn piece to the module

parent e726de21
# Subversion dumps, as part of a backupninja run.
# Valid attributes for this type are:
# order: The prefix to give to the handler config filename, to set
# order in which the actions are executed during the backup run.
# ensure: Allows you to delete an entry if you don't want it any more
# (but be sure to keep the configdir, name, and order the same, so
# that we can find the correct file to remove).
# user, dbusername, dbpassword, dbhost, databases, backupdir,
# hotcopy, sqldump, compress, configfile: As defined in the
# backupninja documentation, with the caveat that hotcopy, sqldump,
# and compress take true/false rather than yes/no.
define backupninja::svn($order = 20,
$ensure = present,
$src = '/var/lib/svn',
$dest = '/var/backups/svn',
$tmp = '/var/backups/svn.tmp',
$vsname = false,
) {
file { "${backupninja::client::configdir}/${order}_${name}.svn":
ensure => $ensure,
content => template('backupninja/svn.conf.erb'),
owner => root,
group => root,
mode => 0600,
require => File["${backupninja::client::configdir}"]
# This configuration file was auto-generated by the Puppet configuration
# management system. Any changes you make to this file will be overwritten
# the next time Puppet runs. Please make configuration changes to this
# service in Puppet.
<% %w{src dest tmp vsname}.each do |v|
if send(v)
-%><%= v + ' = ' + send(v) + "\n" %><%
end -%>
\ No newline at end of file
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