Commit 151b7c4a authored by Micah Anderson's avatar Micah Anderson

fix the $when default parameter to use the correct syntax

If when is set to just '01:00' (as it was previously), then backups
will never run due to the time format being specified
incorrectly. Backupninja considers '01:00' to be the day of the week
and every time it wakes up to see if it is time to do a backup it
determines that it is currently not the day "01:00" and so it
shouldn't do a backup now. In otherwords, it will never do a backup at
this rate.

I've filed a bug for this issue, because it probably should at least
let you know that you've failed.
parent d7e28304
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# write them to the config file as-is.
define backupninja::config(
$configfile = '/etc/backupninja.conf', $loglvl = 4, $when = '01:00',
$configfile = '/etc/backupninja.conf', $loglvl = 4, $when = 'everyday at 01:00',
$reportemail = 'root', $reportsuccess = false, $reportwarning = true,
$reporthost = $reporthost, $reportuser = $reportuser,
$reportdirectory = $reportdirectory,
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