Commit 0f698ee2 authored by Micah Anderson's avatar Micah Anderson

updated README to include some pre-requisite information required for

nagios backupninja checks
parent bf57463c
......@@ -133,5 +133,12 @@ server pushes checks, via a cronjob that calls
/usr/local/bin/, to the nagios server to alert about
relative backup freshness.
Note: this $nagios_server variable must be set before the class is
To use this feature a few pre-requisites are necessary:
. configure nsca on your backup server (not done via puppet yet)
. configure nsca on your nagios server (not done via puppet yet)
. server backup directories are named after their $fqdn
. using a nagios puppet module that can create passive service checks
. $nagios_server must be set before the class is included
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