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add some details to the README about the package installation options

parent d5acd326
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ backupninja::mysql { all_databases:
sqldump => true
include backupninja::client::rdiff_backup
backupninja::rdiff { backup_all:
directory => '/media/backupdisk',
include => ['/var/backups', '/home', '/var/lib/dpkg/status'],
......@@ -35,6 +36,16 @@ A remote rdiff backup handler:
user => "backup-$hostname",
If you include the backupninja::client::rdiff_backup class, you will
get the rdiff-backup package installed automatically, this also works
for the backupninja::client::maildir class (installs needed rsync package)
If you need to specify a specific version of the rdiff-backup, or rsync package, you can do so
by specifying the variables:
$rdiff_backup_ensure_version = "1.2.5-1~bpo40+1"
$rsync_ensure_version = "3.0.6-1~bpo50+1"
If you configure a backupninja::server, it will collect those users and create
them. We have yet to create proper authorized_keys management to make that
process completely automatic.
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