Commit 310d53f2 authored by Thierry Fenasse's avatar Thierry Fenasse
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unpublish invitation + add asbl & ccj accès rapide

parent 90eb8f08
title: Invitation
menu: invitation
published: true
published: false
icon: 'fa fa-users'
......@@ -32,7 +32,16 @@ features:
header: 'Blog'
text: 'Lire le journal'
url: 'blog'
icon: 'fa fa-users'
header: A.S.B.L.
text: 'Association sans but lucratif'
url: 'asbl'
icon: 'fa fa-balance-scale'
header: C.C.J.
text: "Cellule de Coopération <br/>avec la Justice"
url: 'ccj'
class: offset-box
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