Commit 40d83ca1 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch

[fix] makedirs is dumber that I though

parent 3000d850
......@@ -18,15 +18,14 @@ def from_cube():
run_id = result_dir.split("_", 1)[1]
with debug("Saving old openvpn config"):
shutil.copytree("/etc/openvpn/", "/etc/openvpn.old_%s" % run_id)
with debug("copying new config"):
shutil.copy("neutrinet_openvpn_config", "/etc/openvpn/client.conf.tpl")
if not os.path.exists("/etc/openvpn/keys"):
with debug("Copying new cert"):
shutil.copy(os.path.join(result_dir, "ca.crt"), "/etc/openvpn/keys/ca-server.crt")
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