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Misc cleaning to make tests and linter happier on the CI

Aleks requested to merge aleks/neutrinet_ynh:misc_cleaning into stable

Hey there !

I'm a bit late, but as promised, here's a PR (well, here it's called MR :D) to make the app pass tests on the CI.

I ended up cleaning a few things to adapt the app to common practices (maybe more things could be done but it feels good enough). Many things are made simpler because either a) Yunohost's core does the check / normalizing before running the script and b) Using Yunohost nginx's helpers to handle nginx conf.

The most touchy thing is the handling of the path/path_url variable ... that thing is an horrible mess and I internally screamed during the whole thing, but basically the setting should be called path but the bash variable should be called $path_url. If you don't do this things ain't gonna work. (Yes, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

I was in fact surprised to see the var in manifest called path_url and not path ... but I see that this got changed recently and the neutrinet cube script is still using path here : ... (and even in unstable?) so I'm guessing it's okay to brutally revert to path.

Remaining todo is :

  • Adding a LICENSE file to make linter happy. But since I'm only a one-time contributor to this package, I don't know what you wanna choose ?
  • I'm triggering tests on the dev CI in the background ... currently level 2 ... need to re-trigger a test after a typo fix for the upgrade : (don't worry too much about the screaming red errors about template for now ... ) App is level 4, but will be 7 once a LICENSE file added 😉
  • Bump ~ynh version number in manifest ?
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